Since I have mentioned him in quite a few of my gaming logs up to this point, I figured I would detail exactly how I acquired my companion and best-bud, Boone. 

In a town called Novac (humorously named because its sign originally said “No Vacancy” but the last 4 letters have fallen off, creating the name “Novac”), I entered the general store (a giant dinosaur, curiously enough) to purchase ammo and sell various junk I had accumulated during my questing, when I noticed a staircase and curiously went up.  It was there that I met a man named Boone, standing in the mouth of the giant dinosaur store on guard with a sniper rifle.  I talked to him about his wife and received the quest to find out who sold his wife off to slavers so he may kill them.  He then gave me his beret to wear as a signal to fire on the person I bring in front Dinosaur (he will assume this is the person responsible for the loss of his wife).

I was then given the task to talk to various citizens around Novac to see if anyone knew anything about his wife.  After a bit of investigation, I came across a crazy man called No-Bark Noonan and asked about Boone’s wife; he informed me about strange business in the motel lobby.

I went to the motel lobby and found a safe under the counter.  I picked the lock and found a document titled Bill of Sale. This document told of how Jeannie May Crawford- the seemingly innocent lady at the motel front desk- sold Boone’s wife off to slavers.  The next day, I asked Jeannie to take a stroll with me in front of the dinosaur, and when we were in place I put on Boone’s beret.  For several seconds nothing happened.  Then, all of a sudden, there was a loud BANG, and I saw Jeannie’s head fly 30 feet in the air.  Boone and I have been friends ever since.