As I stated in previous glogs, I decided to play Fallout: New Vegas on the hardcore mode when prompted at the beginning.  This isn’t a plain raise in difficulty (though there is an option in-game to raise difficulty as well), but instead it merely adds an additional challenge to the game: the player must constantly worry about necessities such as food, water, sleep, and weight when traveling the wastelands.

I found this addition to be interesting, to say the least; it’s obvious that Bethesda’s intent was to create a more realistic gaming experience, where the gamer has to deal with real-life needs rather than only worrying about blasting the mutated scumbags that plague the world.  Initially, I admittedly thought this was a stupid idea; however, I decided to give it a shot (mostly because I was informed that you could take off hard-core mode at any point during the game) and quickly found it to be a unique addition to the gameplay.  It forced me to put myself in my character’s shoes.  I found it occuring to myself during quests, “Hmmm, I’d probably be a bit hungry after massacring an entire Caesar’s Legion colony,” only to notice that my ‘FOD’ (a very unnecessary abbreviated for “food” in New Vegas) meter was high.

Instead of mindlessly questing, I found myself having to travel back to one of my various homes across the world to get some rest and drink from my sink (or toilet if I’m feeling particularly humorous; both have the same effect).  Though I suppose it does sound tedious when described like this, it’s something any serious gamer should definitely try.  It is a small addition, but nevertheless, it may just be an indication of how reality is being incorporated more and more into the “world” of video games.