One quest I recently played deals with some of the moral choices presented in Fallout: New Vegas.  The current leader of the New Vegas strip (basically the “capital” of the surrounding world) is a mysterious entity named just ‘Mr. House.’  He asked me to go find Benny (the man that killed me earlier in the game, to which I very eagerly got my revenge) and retrieve the platinum chip from him.  He was unaware, however, that I had already killed Benny and that the chip was already in my possession.

I did not inform Mr. House of any of this, instead I went to Benny’s house as asked, and upon investigation found a robot that he had been hiding from his boss.  This robot was programmed to help anyone with anything that he/she desired; before his death (which the robot was also unaware of), Benny had been asking the robot about the best way to overthrow Mr. House and take over the strip for himself.  I learned from the robot that one would need the proper decoding information for the platinum chip to unveil its contents, which would somehow allow an individual to take over the strip.  I then informed the robot of Benny’s death, to which he said something along the lines of “Oh, what a shame!” and quickly proceeded to help me with anything I wanted.

I told him that I desired to take over the strip for myself and end Mr. House’s reign, and he informed me that I should start by talking to the local tribes (casino owners) across the strip to find out which were “worthy of survival” in my opinion.  Basically, the robot asked me to go out and investigate the various casinos and choose which groups I would offer alliance to, and which I would eradicate.