I started by visiting the Brotherhood of Steel, a techno-religious organization, with its roots stemming from the American military and the government-sponsored scientific community from before the Great War.  I had come across this group when I played Fallout 3, and they aided my character in killing a Super Mutant Behemoth (basically the Godzilla of the super mutants), thus earning my trust and respect.  Even though my character in Fallout: New Vegas would not have known of these dealings, I still had a bias in favor of the group.

The problem was that the NCR (New California Republic), a group dedicated to restoring order and progress in the Wasteland, as well as old world values such as democracy, liberty and the rule of law, is at war with the Brotherhood of Steel.  Seeing as the NCR is the only real government organization in the game, I had been aiding them in achieving power throughout my playing; however, if I let the Brotherhood of Steel survive when I take over the strip, it would only create more problems for the NCR.

Even considering all of the above, I didn’t have the heart to eradicate the Brotherhood of Steel because of my biases carried over from Fallout 3.  I decided to earn their alliance and hope that things would work out in the future.  After a few quests of basically running errands for them, I earned the Brotherhood of Steel’s trust and they accepted an alliance with me.  The rest of the groups I had never really heard of, and my laziness almost tempted me to just tell the robot we were going to eradicate them all.  But, since I was trying to have good karma in this playthrough, I decided I would at least let the other tribes have a chance at proving themselves worth of an alliance with me.