In this gaming log, I’m just going to describe one of the quests I completely recently, called “Crazy, Crazy, Crazy.”  Basically, a super mutant named Neil approached me and automatically started a dialogue with me, saying that a super mutant named Tabitha has taken over Black Mountain. One of her rules is that no humans are welcome to the area and any that approach should be shot on sight.  I assumed he wanted me to kill her (super mutants aren’t exactly easy to understand), so I headed up the mountain to start the quest.

On my way up, I was seemingly getting shot out of nowhere- I heard bullets flying and deep maniacal screams, but there were no enemies in sight.  After a lot of confusion, I noticed that there were Nightkin attacking me, an elite warrior caste that use “Stealth Boys” to cloak themselves.  After shooting at invisible people for quite some time, I was able to continue up the mountain.

I’m sure, like with any Fallout quest, there was a diplomatic way to complete this quest that would leave everyone happy, but after a long and tedious fight with enemies I couldn’t even see, I wasn’t exactly in a nice mood.  Neil met me at the top of the mountain and asked if I wanted him to distract the guards while I snuck in, but I told him I’d take care of it myself.  I proceeded to shoot the two guards at the gate of the main buildings and then massacred everyone else that tried to interfere- I can make short work of enemies that I can actually see.  After killing all the super mutants, I walked into Tabatha’s radio station and (quite unnecessarily) launched a mini-nuke into her disgustingly mutated skull.  I reloaded and did this a few times; it was quite satisfying.